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Policies - Song & Dance Stage School

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  • Children under 3 are not eligible to join.

  • Children must be dropped off and collected promptly as class sessions are scheduled back-to-back.

  • Fees should be paid in advance per term for under 7s and upon attendance for all others. Senior students (age 8+) may miss 2 classes per year, but must pay for all other missed classes.

  • Classes are generally graded by age, but pupils will move to the next age group at the directors' discretion.

  • All children are now required to wear a black Song and Dance t-shirt to every class. This will be accompanied by black leggings or tracksuit bottoms, and runners or dance runnersor tapshoes, as appropriate.

  • Extra costs such as flights/hotels to attend competitions and festivals must be paid promptly so that advance planning and bookings can be made.

  • Each group requires a large commitment from its participants to enable the shows to be produced and performed within the tight schedules each year.   Coming up to a show, extra rehearsals will typically be required.

A full list of rules is available upon request.

Thanks for your understanding.

Carol and Jimmy

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